International Students

Our Community

Over the past 35 years, Wycherley has maintained a multi-ethnic environment which has multi-racial, multi- religious and multi- cultural facets. Wycherley has had a number of foreign students mixing around with our students. The common binding factor among all our students is ENGLISH. Therefore bonding together becomes very easy for the children.

Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe, Principal

We have Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Maldivian and Japanese students on our student cadre. This mixture of races in the class rooms help to widen the social and cultural development of the entire student body. Wycherley helps emphasis on academic preparation and strong character building from the first day a child enters its Play Group class. The teachers at Wycherley Junior School are trilingual and able to communicate the importance the school places on the child’s critical formative years.

Over the years, dynamic changes and new methods of teaching as well as new examinations which is “Cambridge Examinations” that better reflect students’ abilities and future requirements have been introduced. This has increased the likelihood of Wycherley students being accepted to premier International Institutions of higher learning.