Optimism and Resilience: The need of the hour!

Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and Well Wishers,

Hope you all are keeping well and safe in these very testing times for all Lankans alike, irrespective of cast or creed! Just as we have managed to survive the Easter attacks and multiple Covid waves, here we are again now facing an ever more daunting economic depression unlike we have ever faced before! Access to electricity, water, gas, milk powder, medicine, fuel and numerous other basic necessities have become a challenge, making even our day to day lives that much difficult. It is not easy for us as a community as we have gone through a lot over the last few decades.

Despite all this we must be remember that education must go on. Why? Because education is the only solution for resolving all problems. An educated society means that we will have a population who will be entrepreneurial, produce, innovate, generate (employment and dollar revenue) and solve problems on their own without depending too much on hierarchical administrations.

We, as a responsible school will do our best to provide the optimal education for your child to ensure that they are future ready and will have innovative and inspiring leadership within themselves. However, to this from our end we need the involvement, continuous engagement, encouragement and support from the parents. Never has it been more important than now, for children to attend school daily and learn without any disruptions.

To this end we want all parents to help their child with physical aspects such as getting ready for school next day by providing meals on time, helping them with arranging their uniforms for school, transport, stationery etc. despite all challenges in the country which we the adults will have to absorb without burdening them.  Further psychologically we want parents to continuously appreciate and encourage their child with good positive words and gestures. Kindly help us with keeping our students optimistic and help us build their resilience together so that both they and the country will have a brighter future tomorrow!

Recently we have refurbished our new Science labs, Computer labs and Library. Please get your child to get the maximum benefit from them and learn to the utmost. But do remind them to use all the instruments, equipment, books and facilities with care and love as resources are quite scarce in our small country at the moment.

The month of March will end with term tests. During the first week of April, we hope to have some mini Avurudhu events happening at classroom level only since Covid-19 is still there in the country despite the number of cases now being low.

I take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and encouragement given to the school in these difficult times and implore you all to continue to do so. Further, I wish you all a happy new year in advance. I wish for it to be one with hope and good health for all! Stay safe!

Mr. Malith Kumarasinghe (MBA[UK], BA (Hons [UK])
Coordinating Principal
Wycherley International School, Gampaha

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