High Achievers at Cambridge A/Level and O/Level Examinations 2020

Education plays a pivotal role in all developing countries. In tune with this, Wycherley too has always had its focus on Education in the Elementary, Primary, Junior and Senior Sections of the School. The success story of Wycherley has always rested on the Principal and the dedicated teaching staff who have imparted a distinct quality of education to students. 

A very elated Mr. Jayasinghe, Director / Principal of Wycherley International School said, “We’ve always been known for our high standards of ‘ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE’. Over the years, we have continued to produce excellent results and make our presence felt in the field of Education”.

The School changed into the Cambridge System of Education way back in 2004 for the O/Levels, leading on to the A/Levels. In 2009, Wycherley switched into a complete Cambridge System of Education from UKG (Year 1) right up to the A/Levels. During these many decades, Wycherley has produced excellent results and that has always flagged the name and fame of the School right up to the current year. We had 100% success in the 12 subjects that the students offered for the A/Levels and also with 17 subjects offered for the O/Level examinations.

The Principal Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe was more than happy at the splendid performance of the students who have come under his wing. Mr. Kingsley Jayasinghe added “This achievement was possible with the extended support by my teachers who have always striven hard to pull out the true potential of the students”. 

Wycherley is indeed proud that she has introduced the Cambridge Curriculum, which will always enhance the capacity of the students to achieve Academic Excellence. Wycherley is also known as the First and Only comprehensive School following the Cambridge Curriculum in Sri Lanka from UKG (Year1) – A/Level. It is one of the most sought after and recognized Primary and Secondary education curriculum in the world. Many Universities in the world have recognized this as an acceptance of Academic Excellence and as a passport to success. Cambridge Education makes students develop a love for learning and helps them to become CONFIDENT, RESPONSIBLE, INNOVATIVE, ENGAGED and REFLECTIVE.

The training ground for these successes start right from Year 1. The Cambridge Primary checkpoint examination at Grade 5 and the Secondary Checkpoint Examination in Grade 8 help the students to grow up with confidence in facing examinations. 

Cambridge is always moving forward and also listens to the needs of learners and Schools. Cambridge has an excellent reputation and Cambridge Examinations that are conducted in Sri Lanka are the only examinations that have the backing by the University of Cambridge. Cambridge International Assessments, the Examinations Board that conducts these exams, are a part of the Cambridge University (UK). The syllabuses programmed by Cambridge, support schools by using learner centered and inquiry based approaches to learning. The Cambridge pathway at Wycherley enables all students to gain confidence and receive an all-round experience.  Cambridge International Assessments (UK) ranks as the World’s largest provider of International Education Programmes for students. While offering an invaluable benchmark of learner performance, it also gives students a strong base to specialize in a wide range of areas depending on their choice. 

Wycherley International School, takes pride in offering a total Cambridge Education in Sri Lanka which has been much sought after. While nurturing traditional social values in a multi-cultural and multi-religious environment, Wycherley strongly focuses on academic excellence as a stepping stone to “Internationalizing” its students and making them successful citizens of the World. 

Congratulations to all our Wycherley students for their excellent achievements at the O/Level and A/Level Examinations 2020.


Cambridge A/Level 2020

Subjects A & B Grades
Accounting 100%
Biology 71%
Business 86%
Chemistry 67%
Computer Science 80%
Economics 100%
English Literature 67%
English Language 67%
German 100%
Law 67%
Mathematics 92%
Physics 78%


Cambridge O/Level 2020

Subjects A & B Grades
Add. Mathematics 89%
Biology 92%
Business Studies 72%
Chemistry 95%
Computer Science 98%
Economics 85%
English Language 79%
Environmental Management 89%
French 80%
English Literature 100%
Mathematics 88%
Physics 82%
Accounting 78%
Sinhala 100%
Tamil 91%
German 57%
Travel & Tourism 100%


To obtain more information on the Cambridge Advantage at Wycherley International School; 0777 730 730, www.wycherley.lk.

You can visit us; 232, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07.

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