Dear Students, Teachers, Parents and Well Wishers,

Welcome to the new Academic Year 2021/2022! I am sure that you are looking forward to it after the summer vacation! It is always a nice feeling to start off with new note books and text books even though school will once again happen online, due to the ongoing Covid-19 global pandemic. Last year was a very challenging one. With learning, teaching and assessments happening online and so many other challenges, we all had to survive and persevere. Hats off to all of you who made learning happen despite all the lockdowns and other barriers irrespective of whether you are a student, teacher or parent!


We must remember that things will only get even more challenging with the Delta variant prevailing in our country at the moment. We all must remain strong and highly disciplined with our health and hygiene regime to get through this.

The nature of life is that, the environment and its variables constantly change. We too must evolve accordingly and remember that “life goes on” come what may! Therefore, learning has to happen, higher studies and preparation for the future world and job market has to continuously happen. I am delighted to inform you that, we have taken measures to improve utilization of Smart board and other technological advancements and infrastructural improvements that will ensure that our students learn from the best and latest in the field of education and will be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Having said and done all of the above, I must also emphasize on the need for greater ethics, manners, selflessness, integrity and sustainable leadership. A huge erosion in this aspect has taken place during the global pandemic over the last 15 months. Never have these attributes been important as now, before. Therefore, I urge and implore from all stakeholders to reflect on them and help us with developing them in our children. Without these, the world would indeed become a very dark place! I am sure that you will support me in this endeavour.

I thank you all for the tremendous support given during the last Academic Year and look forward to the continuous support from you for this Academic Year too! Stay safe and let us all look forward to better things!


Mr.Malith Kumarasinghe (MBA[UK], BA (Hons [UK])

Coordinating Principal

Wycherley International School – Gampaha

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